When musical talent, creative characters, and good vibes collide, the outcome is nothing short of an artistic explosion. This is often the story when it comes to RYZE RECORDS discovering their next big musical sensation. Scroll down to discover the artists that embody the musical ethos and culture of this Record Label.


Adam Ivey

Producer / Artist

With 30 years of experience in music,  Adam Ivey has a wealth of knowledge. A native of the culturally diverse Bay Area he embraces all genres of music.  Mr. Ivey has worked with many accomplished artist and producers. As a studied pianist he expresses  his imagination and passion with his craft. He is proficient with all styles and adamantly admits there are no limitations to music. Adam is  truly diverse.

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Hip-Hop Producer / Artist

Corwin Lewis is evolving into a dynamic Rapper, which has been his passion since his adolescent years. Born in the United States (May 14), a former resident of Houston, Texas. Since 2002, Corwin is a veteran of the United States Navy when stationed in Seattle, Washington; a rewarding 4-years of active duty in serving his country. Remarkably, this extraordinary gift influenced by the great legendary American Rapper Tupac Shakur aka 2Pac, one of his favorite Rap artists. With great admiration for the skill, Corwin developed a fondness and pursued writing lyric practices on a scratch pad while rehearsing to various sounds of music.


Chi Maven

Alternative Hip-Hop / R&B

Kyle “Chi Maven” Evans is an Alternative Hip-Hop and R&B artist originally born in Chicago, Illinois; he move to Houston, TX after being adopted at the age of 3. Chi Maven grew up singing in the choir at church as well as acting in plays so the arts have always played a major role in his life. Inspired by the discipline of his basketball career he puts the same passion and discipline into his music. He describes his music style as Hip-Hop with a blend of Ne-Yo Soul, Gospel, and R&B. One of his biggest inspirations is rapper Common because of the messages in his music of empowerment and truth; He is also inspired by Will Smith because of the embodiment of his character and his leadership as a strong black man in the community.

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One FAN said, when 8ANKZ is on stage you have NO choice but to “DANCE”. Whit his smash hit “Dance”,8ANKZ has left crowds ASTONISHED and begging for MORE with his HIGH energy performances he brings to the table. With a WIDE range of talents 8ANKZ, is definitely on the rise & One you Keep your EYES on for the next months to come. HOUSTON raised but his music reaches a WIDE range of audiences, including FANS & SUPPORTERS world wide. If YOU haven’t heard of 8ANKZ trust me you WILL!! Traymond “8ankz” Brown Born 10-24-91 , Was A Division 1 Collegiate Football Star at heart but Always had a love for music. With a wide range of musical influences stemming from The Commodores, to Lauren hill, Travis Scott , Even Da Baby. Miraculously 8ankz has found a way to blend them all! When often Asked what type of music you make , 8ankz Answer is always the same “ I Make Situational music”.


Ace the Mack

Alternative Hip-Hop / R&B

Ace was originally born in Houston, TX. Her love of old school music is what drove her to begin a career in music. She has a smooth R&B and Hip-Hop sound with smooth melodies laid over instrumentals with strong bass lines. She is heavily inspired by the music of Michael Jackson and Prince and she puts that inspiration into her music.


07. Finesse

Alternative Hip-Hop

07 Finesse also known as his other name 'Sad Boy', Brings all the energy in his music. Finesse is Houston raised and reps his city everywhere he goes. his top influencers are 'Lil Uzi Vert', 'Kid Rock' and also 'Juice WRLD'. 07 Finesse will amaze you with his high energy performances wherever he performs and will not dissatisfy you. despite all the stuff he goes through on a daily bases he always keeps his head high and pushes through it. listening to him will inform you more about Finesse and his life. he makes all kinds of different styles of rap such as 'Sad Boy Music', 'Hype Music' and also music for when you are under the influence of something. He's also most known for his melodic flows and and hitting his high notes with the 'Autotune', stay up to date with Finesse as he releases music to take you on his journey through life. "07 for life".


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Akilah Marlette

Hip-Hop / R&B

Ryze Record’s very own contemporary rnb artist, Akilah Marlette is taking the stage by storm and slowly making her way up the ranks.
The Houston native began her musical journey as a child singing in the church choir. She led the choir in solo at the tender age of seven. Growing into adolescence, she took an interest in alternative, rock, and pop, which sparked her interest in the guitar. By the age of fifteen, Akilah was a self-taught musician performing covers for family and friends. She continued studying music in her high school’s varsity choir, when her mentors encouraged her to create music of her own. Not to be underestimated, she began writing and composing her own songs. Akilah took a few courses at The Art Institute of Houston, which landed her a gig at The Guitar Center. She worked there in the Pro Audio department for two years learning the trade and networking with other artists.
After years of closet recording, she was introduced to the CEO of Ryze Records. In the summer of 2019, she was signed to the label. With her pure demeanor and dark, powerful lyrics about life as an eccentric, she brings a new perspective to the industry. The singer/songwriter, rapper, and producer can be found on various stages around Houston, and she’s coming to a stage near you.



Hip-Hop Artist / Songwriter

JustPaul is an up and coming Music Artist based in Houston, Tx. JustPaul first began seeing professional success in 2020, with the release of his first single "Never Thought". This talented artist overcame countless obstacles on the way up, and works hard every day in order to keep their musical dream alive.


Juul Amir

Alternative Hip-Hop / R&B

Jewel Amir is from the Westside of California. Born in Oakland, CA. raised in Fairfield, CA. She grew up in a small town, right near the Bay Area. She wasn’t into much but playing basketball coming up; she played basketball all of her life, until college. Once she stopped playing basketball;, the sky was the limit and she had no clue of it then.
She began writing songs years later after just exploring the world for some time. Her style of music is versatile. She writes what she feels like writing, or whatever the instrumental she likes tells her to say. The whole process is an art to her, and with art there is no box, so she can not box my style.
She does music not only for herself but for the loved ones she wants to take care of, the wealth she wants to leave behind to her children, and the people who may need to hear her words. But most importantly to keep her sister here with her. Her sister Brit is her biggest inspiration and everything started with her!

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Call me Juice

Hip-Hop Artist, Model & Writer

Callmejuicee is from Houston TX , she grew up n the 5th Ward with 3 younger sisters on her mothers side, 3 sisters & 1 brother on her fathers side, and  3 sisters & 2 brothers on her biological fathers side. She is 25 years old and enjoys writing music, dancing, modeling, & creating art . 
The type of music she makes is more so sensual yet she writes for the broken women who are too afraid to speak up about their traumas. She also has a lot of fun rap songs, but when it comes to the rapping style she writes more so from a males perspective. 
Her inspiration for art comes from being able to touch others emotionally & mentally and for them to be able to listen to someone/something relatable & be able to take something from it .


07 Kai

Alternative Hip-Hop

07 Kai is an Alternative Hip-Hop artist born in Houston, Texas but moved back and forth to Panama City Beach, Florida. He always grew up on drill rap and is inspired by the Chicago scene which influences the drill vibes in his music. His father was a musician as well but unfortunately he lost his father when he was 7 and ever since then he has been writing music. CPS got involved with his mother so he really had nobody but his brother for a while. Music was and still is his escape as well as how he expresses what is going on in his daily life.


Heartbreak Slxm

Alternative Hip-Hop

Heartbreak Slxm was born and raised in Houston; he moved around a lot most of his childhood due to being in foster care. Heartbreak Slxm strives to be the most versatile artist in the game. His big brother is the reason that he started his musical journey and he is creatively inspired by Young Thug’s music.


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B$T Chris


B$T Chris, 
He's straight from the controversial town of Barrett Station, Texas. He's very versatile with Hip- Hop / Alternative music.
He was inspired to do music by his mom, his youngest sister, and close crew known as EBW (Eastside Breadwinnas).
A few of his favorite Artists include, Lil Wayne, Lil Durk, No Cap, & Rylo Rodriguez. His favorite colors are Blue & Orange and loves him some home cooked food. He's very Grateful & Thankful that he's apart of Ryze Records. Follow his progress (ON THE RISE)

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Lil Kryptonite


This is Kryptonite, born and raised in Houston, Tx. Art is her inspiration in any form, Some might call her a (Artaholic). Her favorite color is green and she enjoys Asian cuisine as well as trying comfort foods from all realms of the world.

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Aaron Michaels

Singer / Songwriter

Aaron Michaels grew up on soulful blues music just trying to put his own spin on the genre. Singing and creating music are two of the only muses he tries to better himself with. He likes using a unique style that can be listened to by a wide variety of people. It's time to stay blessed and get creative.




KTDINERO was born in Killeen, TX. He was raised in North Little Rock, Arkansas where he picked up the majority of his personality, but Houston took a major toll on his life. He left Arkansas when he was 14 and spent the rest of his teenage years in Texas. Music has always played a dominant role in his life as he grew up because he was always side-by-side to the man that raised him; his uncle. His love for music made him eager to learn the concept of how music was made. He was a drummer for multiple bands so he always had an ear for good music. KTDINERO is very versatile when it come to music. He's Thankful & Grateful to be apart of Ryze Records


Queendaje Arceneaux

Poet / New Age Rock / Singer / Songwriter

This is Q (a) Romantic, Cali native but Houston raised she/them. She's been writing for 14 years, it's a passion. She was initially inspired by her sister Brittney as she watcher her become an artist at a young age. Her talent and drive gave Q (a) Romantic the guts to start writing. Since her passing she has found all art inspires her. "We are literally art unfolding, it's the best way to express myself and connect with other souls."
" I pray that peace, love & hippieness be with you"


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Terry Hatch


Born & raised in Oakland California, he pretty much does it all when it comes to this music.


Manor Boy Bishop

Alternative R&B

Manor Boy Bishop is an Alternative R&B artist from the Northside of Houston NAWFWOOD MANOR 503 born and raised trying to get it out the mud and make something of himself. He describes his style of music as Trap R&B rap melodic ghetto gospel. Manor Boy Bishop is inspired by Houston legends such as Fat Pat, Big Moe, and Pimp C. They motivated him to start singing on his own songs and realizing where he comes from motivates him to push for more.Music is his Diary.

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